Introduction for my VIP ‘s


Vincent Castille (“VC”) the Celebrity Barber began his career in 1995 by providing some of the the highest quality VIP haircuts in Dallas, Texas.  He attended Texas Barber College in Richardson, Texas where he excelled in every area.  He has a long career of service to VIP haircuts for business and entertainment professionals who require the best in hair design, and grooming. “VC” the Celebrity Barber is now regularly on-call for VIP customer from the NBA, NFL, actors, comedians, politicians and business leaders.  He is frequently on video and TV sets and professional sporting events.

Vincent “CelebrityBarber VC” Castille

New to Dallas and looking for a professional barber to treat you like the professional that you are? Maybe you are not new to Dallas but just want a truly professional barber?  OK, you found me. I am the “Celebrity Barber” of choice and I welcome the opportunity to become your personal barber. I am the leading barber in the City of Dallas and you may find me at conveniently located in North Dallas.

I understand what it takes to serve men and women like “You”. I specialize in delivering all types of cuts and the latest styles of bald fades, light fades, tapers, razor shaves, razor lines, Afros, textures, facials and more.

You will find that I am a barber that is committed to provide professional services in a professional atmosphere for a professional clientele and have been doing just that for the past sixteen years. I have had the pleasure of serving some of the very best and most noted people in their chosen field and careers… and still do.

My mission is to ensure that all CelebrityBarber VC’s Exclusive Clientele is fully satisfied and quickly become close friends. The fun part is there is no charge for the conversation – if you want it.  I go by the name CelebrityBarber VC but my clients/friends call me “VC” – I hope you will too!”

Vincent CelebrityBarber “VC” Castille                                                                      


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