Check Out The App

Check Out The App

The luxury and convenience of your very own personal haircut appointment “concierge” on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android cell phone is what the new Celebrity Barber mobile haircut appointment application (“App”) delivers.  The Celebrity Barber haircut appointment App enables you to make a haircut appointment on the App using any smart phone device.  You can get the Celebrity Barber haircut appointment App for FREE by simply downloading it onto your cell phone from the Apple iPhone App store or the Android Market.

“We believe it’s a game-changer,” says VC the Celebrity Barber.  The Celebrity Barber App books an appointment time of your choice and it puts your name up on the Celebrity Barber’s calendar so that when you walk in the door for your appointment  you’re ahead of anyone who walked in or used the Celebrity Barber  App after you.

Free Celebrity Barber App

When you think about it, extending the ability to make in-place appointments on your Android,  iPhone or iPod Touch is not only cool it is one of the first of its kind for this industry.  Since appointments can also be made through Celebrity Barber’s Web site or on Facebook, we got you covered with the convenience of technology like no other.

Our Droid- and iPhone-carrying consumers can now use the Celebrity Barber App to book a place in the Celebrity Barber’s chair.  We all know that mobile technology is utterly changing the way we do businesses. At Celebrity Barber it means the end of waiting in line at the barbershop.  We have made a move that is will save you time and maybe even money.



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